About Us

Welcome to LUCHA Elementary School

  • Welcome Message from Principal Kristin Burt

    As a small school of choice in the Alum Rock School District, L.U.C.H.A. offers a unique educational environment for our students and their families.
    We know that students learn best in schools where they are known well. With a total school population of less than three hundred students, our L.U.C.H.A. leaders receive the personalized attention they need to reach our ambitious academic, social and emotional goals.

    We know that the school must work in partnership with each student’s family in order to have success in a child’s education. Therefore at L.U.C.H.A. we are constantly looking for new ways to involve our parents in the education of their children.  Our students, staff, and families work in close collaboration to lead our L.U.C.H.A. leaders to the highest levels of academic achievement.

    We would be excited to welcome you and your family to the L.U.C.H.A. community to participate in this journey for an excellent education for your
    child! L.U.C.H.A. is a school of choice open to all students. We accept students to our school based on a lottery. Preference is provided to siblings of students who are currently enrolled. Space is limited so turn in your application today!
    Kristin Burt
    Principal, L.U.C.H.A.

    Why choose LUCHA?

    • Innovative Learning
      • Partnership with Code to the Future brings computer science instruction to all grades
      • Three Epic Builds over the course of the year where students showcase their work
    • Strong Parental Involvement
      • Home Visits 
      • 30 Hour Parent Volunteer commitment with lots of opportunities to get involved!
    • Award Winning School
      • 2016 Gold Ribbon School
      • Title 1 Academic Achievement School


    The purpose of schooling is for all students to learn to use their minds and hearts well. Students learn best in schools where they are known well, where expectations are high, support is strong, and where their voice and their parents’ voice is valued.  The mission of L.U.C.H.A. is to recognize all of these values and ensure that the students are empowered to learn, lead, and be positive and productive members of their community. 


    Misson Statement:

    L.U.C.H.A. is empowered students, united with invested parents and families,

    a relentless staff, and the greater community, building social, academic,

    and personal success while developing into conscientious leaders.


    Essential Elements


    High Expectations 

    At L.U.C.H.A., we expect students to exit our learning community as independent, responsible, highly competitive, socially active citizens, and critical thinkers.  These characteristics and skill sets are core elements that comprise an ‘educated’ person in the 21st century. L.U.C.H.A. students will be prepared to excel in middle and high school as active learners who proceed to matriculate to college. Our students will be lifelong learners who will be poised to make positive contributions to the global society.


    L.U.C.H.A.’s Four Core Values:

    We place a strong emphasis on developing the whole child and while focusing on the core content areas we also focus on four core values of character to promote healthy choices:


    1. Responsibility – Responsibility is a key core value at L.U.C.H.A. This core value ensures that students are responsible learners and participants. Consequently, students take their own initiative in the learning process and take ownership of the school.  At L.U.C.H.A., the goal is not only that students achieve higher levels of academic achievement, but also that students and families recognize their own personal responsibility regarding their own success.  Students, parents, teachers, and other staff are expected to be personally responsible to ensure not only their own success, but also the success of all.


    1. Compassion – At L.U.C.H.A., the smaller population of students and families ensure that the individual needs of everyone in the community are met. This ensures that each individual is not only taught well, but also taught and listened to in a manner that is compassionate and understanding. Consequently, this core value is consistently modeled for students and enables them to act compassionately among themselves and throughout the entire school.


    1. Respect – Respect is not only a core value, but it is a clear expectation at L.U.C.H.A. Students are expected to respect each other, the teachers, their learning, the school, their parents, and the entire surrounding community. Students are expected to participate in a respectful manner, which ensures better learning opportunities for all students.  Students are taught respect to ensure continued respect for their families and surrounding community.  It is incredibly important that students recognize that they are a significant part of a community and it is their duty to respect and contribute to this community in a productive and positive manner.


    1. Hard Work – At L.U.C.H.A., we recognize the fact that kindergartners enter without pre-kindergarten experience and many of our students at each grade level are also learning English as they simultaneously master the content standards. Consequently, hard work is an essential component of our academic expectations. Students need to work especially hard to ensure their academic success.  In addition, hard work is important because it reminds students that success does not come easily, rather, success requires hard work.