Little Heroes

To learn more about the Little Heroes program, visit their website at


Classroom Game Times

Each week, our Little Heroes Coach meets with each class for classroom game time.  During these times students are taught the rules to our core games and are provided the opportunity to engage in new and exciting games focused on communication, collaboration, and creativity. These games are then available as an additional option during recess and lunchtimes.

Little Heroes Sports Leagues

LUCHA builds teams to compete in our leagues and tournaments. These competitive events provide students with an opportunity to thrive in a team environment, to build commonalities with students, create pride and ownership in their school, and allow students to understand the proper way to both win and lose. 

Youth Leadership Program

LUCHA 4th and 5th graders are eligible to apply to be Recess Heroes. These coaches lead games during recess time and ensure that all students are receiving an opportunity at a fun and inclusive recess.